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Eating Disorder Recovery: Five Essential Elements to Focus On

by nina on January 13, 2011

eating disorder recovery tipsThe most common question that I get asked about eating disorder recovery is “How Did You It?”. Having suffered from an eating disorder for over a decade I know that it is sometimes difficult to hear the answer.

This is mainly because when you are in the grips of the illness it does not want you to get better, and therefore blocks you from hearing the solution. The solution may also seem terrifying, especially to those who have restricted, counted calories and dieted for most of their lives.

I completely understand.

But the message of recovery is very simple and it needs to be repeated over and over again in order to break through the denial. Here are the 5 essential elements of eating disorder recovery and how to apply them:

1. First of all – Give Up the Dieting Mentality. I have talked about this at length. Diets do not work, in fact that propel and perpetuate the eating disorder. Diets fail and with that failure we lose out self esteem and the hope that we can recover. Even after 3 solid years of recovery, I steer clear of diets.

2. Talk About What Is Going On. Identifying that you have a problem is the first step to finding recovery. I understand the shame that goes with it, but you are not alone! You can always post anonymous comments and questions on this site. The main thing is that you acknowledge to yourself that you have a problem that you can no longer control.

3. Visualize your successful recovery. This was of of the things that helped me most. Whenever I started to doubt myself, or even when I was in the grips of the eating disorder, I kept my mind focused on my recovery. I visualized what it would feel like to be recovered, I saw it in the present tense – as if I was recovered NOW. I saw what I would be acting like, what I would tell people about my recovery, the was that I would behave around food and the other things that I would be doing once I was free of the obsession

4. Freedom comes from letting go of control. The hardest lesson to learn was that I would never be able to control my food and weight. Countless failed diets and restriction plans proved that over and over again. Each one left me more desperate and hopeless. It is only through the act of letting go that we get freedom.

5. Stay away from people, places and things that fuel your obsession. This means people who talk excessively about their eating habits, diets and weight loss. It also means visiting diet related sites, weight loss magazines and spending too much time planning food and meals.

Let 2011 be the year where you finally achieve freedom from this insidious disease. Take action to support your recovery and feel free to ask me any questions.

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Nina Vucetic

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