Eating Disorder Recovery Begins In Your Mind

by nina on February 10, 2014

eating disorder recovery mindRecovering from an eating disorder leads us to follow many different paths. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to recover, but one crucial element is your mindset – and setting it to the same frequency as recovery.


What this means is that recovery begins in your mind. You first must see it and believe it – before you manifest it into physical reality. The good news is that ANYONE can learn to do this – and thus, anyone can recover!


This latest video explains the process of creating your ideal vision – the exact method by which you visualize your recovery and transform your mind so that you have full faith in the process and see it with such vivid detail and emotion that you bring it into your physical reality faster than you ever thought possible!


Remember that it is a journey, and there are no mistakes. When we learn the lesson that each turn was meant to teach us, we then move on.


But just like the Universe is always growing and expanding, so are you. So there is no “going backwards” – even  though it may feel like it. 

The key is to keep your focus on recovery and on your personal ideal vision. See this in detail, exactly as you want it to be, and then have faith that all that you desire is coming.


Patience and belief is essential.
I still continue to use this for every situation that I am in.  I was recently undergoing some surgery and I remembered to use this and to fill my mind with the positive outcome and to  see with vivid detail how I wanted to feel, and to only focus on the positive result.
Try it and practice it consistently and persistently!  Especially when things are at their worst… that is where it counts. That is where you can show the Universe that you will not be defeated and that you believe that a miracle can and  will happen.
Have faith and never ever ever give up…
Thinking of you and may all of your ideal visions manifest in miraculous ways. 
Love Nina 🙂
P.S If you liked the video please share it and leave a comment about a part of your IDEAL recovery that you would like to share with others – remember you can inspire someone today to recover!

Nina Vucetic

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