Eating Disorder recovery And Grocery Shopping

by nina on May 21, 2013

eating disorders weight loss and grocery shoppingOne of the biggest challenges when becoming an intuitive eater is deciding what exactly you should buy when grocery shopping, whether you should read labels and exactly what the “right” thing is to buy… and whether there even is such thing as the “right” or most “beneficial” thing?

Can you relate to this dilemma? I know it certainly bugged me during my early days of intuitive eating – and even further along in recovery would pop up to be an unexpected trigger.

I know how triggering this topic may be and how difficult it is to navigate grocery stores, shopping for food and deciding what exactly you should or should not be eating as an “intuitive eater”.

Navigating the new way of recovery – without externally imposed diets, eating plans and similar is new territory that comes with new freedom as well as new challenges.


Do you struggle with grocery shopping, being stuck in black and white thinking around food, reading nutrition labels and perhaps facing a lot of confusion about what food to buy as you enter into a phase of recovery?

You are not alone! Please leave your comments around grocery shopping and recovery challenges below…

In this latest video I reveal the way I go about grocery shopping situations and how it relates to being a true intuitive eater.

I also show you some of the traps to avoid when moving towards intuitive eating and full recovery.


Greetings and love from Thailand!


Love Nina 🙂

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Nina Vucetic

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Jennifer May 27, 2013 at 11:17 am

Hi Nina, I am hoping for some advice from you.
I’ve been fully recovered for about a year & 8 months & am so very proud of this but lately I have started to read food labels again & weigh some of my food. I know something must have triggered this to happen (maybe stress in other areas of my life) but I hadn’t done this in such a very long time, I was at a place of complete recovery and am totally feeling awful about this. Food is on my mind a lot of the time. I got the idea into my head for whatever bizarre reason that i needed to control my food intake again. I know this is completely wrong & i feel very ashamed of myself.
I would be so grateful for your opinion. Thankyou so much.


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