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Dealing with PMS, Cravings and Emotions While Recovering

by nina on February 28, 2012

emotional eatingIn this week’s Q&A a reader has asked how to deal with the overwhelming urge to overeat during the PMS time and I am sure that many of you relate to this.

Not only do cravings arise during PMS, but they can come up and be overwhelming during stressful times in our lives, whenever there are big changes or perhaps just when we feel “off” emotionally and the turn to food to “fix” it, to numb it, to give us comfort and “get us through”…

Of course if this works at all, it is a temporary, band aid solution and there comes a point where it does not work at all anymore, or the side effects and impact on our lives from another binge eating or overeating episode are so great that we a forced to find a new solution.

The good news in all of this is that there IS a new solution.

Watch the latest Dealing With Emotional Issues in Recovery Video to get some inspiration that what you are going through is normal and that you can learn new ways to deal with PMS, emotional upsets and coping with life in general by using new tools and not having to turn to food.

There is a way to cope with PMS, stress, emotional upsets and life in general without using food to numb out.

I know this because not only have I been completely recovered for the last 7 years, but I have had MAJOR turmoil, emotional issues, major life changes and devastating events happen – and I did NOT have to turn to food to deal with any one of them.

That is the power of true recovery.

That is the freedom that you get.

You can take whatever life throws at you, good and bad, and NOT have to turn to food.

But we do need new coping skills, which I also discuss in the video at 5 mins and give you some tips to get started…

As always, I would love to hear your feedback – which you can post in the comments below!

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