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Here are some of the common eating disorder questions that I get asked. Please feel free to send in your eating disorder questions in the comments section below!

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You can ask about anything related to eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, compulsive overeating, purging or anything else that you would like more information and advice on.

Sample Questions…

How can I push those voices out of my head that tell me to micro-analyze everything food?  How do I conquer the voices that tell me that I better get on that scale, I better count up my calories for the day, I better punish myself on that treadmill for 2 hours to undo all that I have done for the day?  How do I push those voices out that tell me to take laxatives, vomit, or do all those horrible and punishing things to myself?

Once you begin to just eat normal things, things that you like and you don’t over exert yourself with punishing exercise, your body will be satisfied and the thoughts will take care of themselves. The disorder lives out in the behavior that is just self defeating – starving and purging only to follow it up with a major binge that you cannot control. Once you begin your body will know that there is more food tomorrow, food that you like, and the next day and so there is nothing to fear or to crave.

Q. How do I settle myself down and tell myself that I can have just a bite of that wonderful brownie, and I will be just fine?  I always find myself shoving 10 in my mouth because “tomorrow I am going to start being good and go on that diet once and for all”.  I’m sure you know how that works out.

A. You can start by trusting that if it worked for me, and has continued to work for over 2 years, then it can work for you. If I can have brownies and still not gain weight and not be obsessed, then the same path is available to you.

I can absolutely give you a rock solid guarantee that the brownie does NOT make you fat. It’s the binge eating and restriction and purging that make us put on weight and feel depressed and miserable.

I don’t even really eat “healthy” food all that much. I just don’t like salads or vegetables. Sometimes I get fruit and I really like it, but generally I will never opt for the “safe” foods that I was ALWAYS eating before.

I never feel bloated because I know when I am full and I physically can’t eat anymore. I don’t think about what I have eaten during the day – ever. I never wake up with those nasty food hangovers. I also don’t deviate from the weight I am at. I don’t know what that figure is, but I am sure that its normal and my clothes fit me in the same way every day no matter what I have eaten.

I hope that helps you to challenge the ideas in your head about what “eating right” means. I think the only right way to eat is to stick to what you like, whenever you like it. Our bodies are very intuitive and have an amazing ability to heal even after years of abuse.


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