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Eating Disorder Help

by nina on October 21, 2010

eating disorder helpHaving an eating disorder is one of the most powerful, life destroying and soul eroding things that a person can go through. Having experienced it myself for over a decade and desperately trying to get eating disorder help from a number of different avenues, I am now going to share that it IS possible to recover from eating disorders – COMPLETELY.

An eating disorder can completely erode your self esteem, your ability to face the world and to deal with even the most minor challenges that life throws up. Continued efforts to get eating disorder help can weaken the spirit, when everything seems to fail and you end up back where you started – throwing up, binge eating, starving or compulsively exercising.

Some of the main side effects of having an eating disorder are:

  • Loss of friends
  • Isolation
  • Depressed state
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Withdrawal from life
  • Not engaging in activities
  • Relentless obsession over food and weight

Having a eating disorder throws people into spirals of shame, more disordered behavior, withdrawal from life and then more of the behavior in order to cope with the dreadful reality.

My story is that I suffered with various manifestations of the disorder for over a decade. Here are the stages that it went through:

  • Extreme dieting – cutting out all carbohydrates
  • Anorexia – loss of period
  • Binge eating/starving
  • Compulsive Obsessive Exercise
  • Binge eating and exercising
  • Laxative Abuse, Binge eating, over exercising
  • Bulimia
  • Flipping between bulimia and binge eating with no compensatory behavior

All of these different periods in total lasted for over a decade. It was an all pervading obsession that robbed me of friendships, life, career goal and happiness.

No matter how much I tried to get help for the eating disorder, I just kept failing. Some of the diets that I was on would work for a short period. The successful periods kept getting shorter and the eating disorder was always a monkey on my back.

Even when I did have short periods of success with a particular diet, therapy process, recovery group or simply self will – I knew that I was not cured, that I didn’t have freedom and I was just waiting for the next bout of the eating disorder to come.

I ALWAYS had the eating disorder monkey on my back. I knew that any success would be short lived.

But today I am COMPLETELY RECOVERED. I have NO obsession or compulsion around food whatsoever. I eat what I want, when I want. I haven’t purged in years, I never starve, I do not binge eat and I only exercise to feel better emotionally.

I am completely recovered from all eating disorder symptoms and am at a normal, healthy weight that does not fluctuate at all.

I would like to share some of the things that I did in order to get eating disorder help in the past:

  • Eating disorder groups
  • 2 Inpatient clinics
  • Numerous therapists and psychiatrists
  • Special Programs
  • Acupuncture
  • Eastern Medicine
  • Religion
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • NLP
  • Hypnosis

I believe that each and every different treatment method that I tried helped me to reach the next level of recovery, taught me new tools, gave me greater self awareness and shattered the denial that I had around the eating disorder. Each therapy, recovery path and book served it’s purpose. What I have learned most of all is that recovery is a PROCESS. There is no quick fix, it takes time, patience and a willingness to do whatever it takes to recover.

The reality today is that I do not suffer from any kind of disordered thinking or behavior around food or my weight. I have achieved full recovery and consider myself a NORMAL eater.

  • My weight does not change
  • I only think about food when I am hungry
  • I stop eating as soon as I am full
  • I don’t cut out ANY foods – I eat sugar, flour, chocolate
  • I never obsess about what I just ate

How did I finally get help for my eating disorder? The basis of my recovery is rejecting all forms of dieting and restriction – this was crucial. Even today when I call myself recovered, I know that a relapse is just one diet away. I have a support group, I meditate, I help others as much as I can and I deal with emotional issues either through group or individual therapy.

Complete eating disorder recovery is possible for anyone who wants true, complete freedom. Freedom from the thoughts, the obsession, the constant counting, weighing and compulsion.


Nina Vucetic

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