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Can I Eat Healthy and Exercise While Recovering from an Eating Disorder?

by nina on October 18, 2011

So you are wondering if you can still stick to healthy eating and exercise while you are trying to become free of your eating disorder and eliminate the old triggers – some of which may actually be “healthy eating” and overexercising to compensate for binge eating or overeating.

Today it is Q+A Tuesday and I am thrilled to have a guy asking a question!

Check out Nick’s Question and my response to whether you can Eat Healthy, Exercise and still Recover From Your Eating Disorder.

Now, I am absolutely not against “healthy eating” – however you define it. But let me tell you what I have found “healthy eating” to be in order to achieve the full recovery that I have.

It has meant eating exactly what i want, when I want – without any guilt or feelings that I am eating the “wrong” thing and not being “healthy”. Healthy to me has meant being RECOVERED.

Living with freedom and listening to my intuition and internal hunger signals and cues.

So think about your INTENTIONS.

Are you still trying to lose weight?

Is your eating disorder running your decision making process?

There is nothing wrong with traditionally “healthy” food, nor is there anything wrong with exercise. I love exercise! it makes me feel great and boosts my confidence and mood.

BUT, the problem is that it can be a trigger if you are doing it for the sake of weight loss, guilt or trying to purge because you feel like you have overeaten and want to “lose those extra pounds”.

That is when the eating disorder has kicked in.

Watch out for that nasty monkey on your back. Always examine your intentions. Always strive for recovery as opposed to a quick fix and anything to do with weight loss.

I hope you enjoy this video about healthy eating, exercise and eating disorder recovery.

Keep your questions coming, leave me a comment and share this with your network – you never know who you may be able to help!

To Your Complete Recovery!


Nina Vucetic

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