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Do Other People Trigger Your Eating Disorder?

by nina on December 6, 2011

eating disorder triggerToday we are talking about eating disorder triggers and what to do when those triggers involve other people.

Does that happen to you? Being around people who are constantly talking about diets or weight loss, people making comments about your weight, seeing other people eating “diet” food or being on a program that they are telling you they are having amazing success with?

This video deals with the issue of dealing with other people who trigger your eating disorder.

When I was in Sydney, my home town, i was surrounded by very “health conscious” people and they were always talking about diets, food plans, the most ideal workouts, etc…

I had only just begun my full recovery and almost slipped back into that old mentality – find out my story at 3.21

My deal is this – I have to stay away from all talk about things that trigger me, and sometimes this includes other people.

My eating disorder recovery comes first – no matter what.

Tell me what you think – drop me a comment, ask a question or tell us all how you deal with these situations.

I love hearing your comments and remember that you never know who you can help with your comments, questions and challenges.

There is nothing better than getting a message like this from someone who has purchased my Recover From Eating Disorders Book:

Hi Nina,

Just discovered your EBook last week and my life has CHANGED. I’ve
been eating what I want and stopping when I’m full. I’ve ordered
things I’ve NEVER ordered at restaurants, and that feels so great.
I’ve been dealing with binge eating for the past 7 years and have
tried many ways to look into my past for the cause and to live
binge-free. Your philosophy is the only one that truly works for me,
relaxes me, and gives me the freedom I’m craving.

Thank you for everything you do, Nina! You truly create miracles.


Thank you Sarah!

Everyone, please share your success stories. Whatever we focus on grows and expands, so lets all help and inspire each other by focusing on success, positivity and abundance!

Freedom from all eating disorders,


P.S Stay Tuned for a Special Q+A Next Week!

Nina Vucetic

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Emily December 15, 2011 at 1:33 pm

Hi Nina,
I have just stumbled upon your site and this video and I was just wondering, do you have any tips for avoiding people like this? Like things you could say to get out of the situation? I am a college student and my roommates are in physical education and they are always talking about what exercise they did, how they need to lose weight and that kind of thing. I feel the need to compete with them, workout more, eat less, that sort of thing. I’m not sure how to talk to them about it or avoid the trigger, since I don’t want them to know I used to have an eating disorder and we are not really friends, just living together. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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