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The Anatomy of Compulsive Eating Part 2

by nina on May 27, 2012

screw it, i give up…


This is the one that nobody wants to talk about.

Compulsive eating.

Binge eating.

Overeating disorder.

Or are you just gluttonous, shameful, lazy?? (says alter ego + nameless faces in the world)

I can not stop it!! (replies Truth)

Now let’s get real. Compulsive eating is one of the most common of all eating disorders.

And the most secretive.

Heck, your mother could have it and you would never know.

Compulsive eaters are secretive, can fake it and are damn good at doing so.

And it is never talked about.

So lets CHANGE that right here and talk about it.

I was a compulsive eater for almost a decade. On and off and on and off.

That’s how it works. The lies, the mental torture, the despair, the isolation, the loneliness, the lack of life…

That was how my eating disorder finally ended. I. Just. Gave. Up.

I thought, if I eat myself to death, so be it. I am sick of trying.

So I gave up. I surrendered.

And then, everything changed.

I said I am going to eat whatever I want. So I did.

But I didn’t overeat. Weird.

I stopped hiding what I was eating, and ended up eating just until I was full. What?

I stopped looking at weight loss sites and threw out the scales and diet books. NO way!

I started writing, going out, meeting people, starting a new line of work…

And one day realized I had not even thought about my food + weight for days.

The days turned into weeks, into months, into 7 YEARS.


I surrendered. I gave up trying to control the eating disorder.

I stopped fighting, dieting, managing.

I just allowed myself to be.

The result was that I stopped the obsession, the fear, the dieting,
weighing, measuring, comparing, despairing.

I started living.

I surrendered, and I WON


So Can You. Right Here, Right Now.


YOU CAN change.

its not the stuff of dreams.

or luck.

or being special.

or “yeah, but not me”

instead, soak this into your cells:

miracles, proof, evolution and revolutions,
breakthroughs, dawnings, spiritual awakenings,
in a single moment, just one flicker of hope, a story,
in the realm of possibility, with the power of love,
come hell or high water, permanently, completely,
positively and absolutely conceivable‚Ķ right now…

can change.



>>It’s Your Time, Rise Up.<<



You were born to play a bigger game.



Love, Freedom and Dedication To Challenging ALL limiting beliefs,

Nina xo

Nina Vucetic

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