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9 Secrets to Stop Compulsive Eating Disorder Thoughts

by nina on March 12, 2011

compulsive eating disorderRecovery from compulsive eating disorder is possible with the right approach and actively working on changing and eliminating the thoughts that fuel the compulsion to eat compulsively.

Here are the top 9 ways to stop compulsive eating disorder thoughts in their tracks and shift your thoughts towards treatment for compulsive eating.

1.         Stick with people who have a healthy relationship with food and their bodies

I notice that whenever I am around people who do not obsess and talk incessantly about food and their weight, it affects my own thoughts profoundly. When I see other people living with freedom from food and weight obsession this has a powerful influence over my psyche.

2.         Write a daily gratitude list to your body

Remembering all of the amazing things that our bodies do and how beautiful we each are in our own ways. Think of something that you are truly grateful to your body for each day.

3.         Each day make sure you eat something that you actually want and enjoy it!

This has been the key to my recovery and reduction of food obsession. I practice this at each meal – I always eat exactly what I want, in quantities that I want, when I feel like it. This is so powerful and as long as I give my body what it wants, the compulsive eating disorder thoughts are crushed.

4.         Visualize your ideal recovery and believe that you can achieve it

Practice visualizing the kind of recovery that you want and really try to believe that this is possible for you. What would you be doing? What activities would you be engaged in and what would you be telling others about your recovery from compulsive eating disorder?

5.         Treat yourself like a child when it is meal time – ask yourself, like you would a child, want it wants to eat

It is important to be kind to yourself and to realize that it takes time to recover. Be gentle and treat yourself like you would a child who was just learning to eat again. The compulsive eating disorder messes with our brains and the harsher we are, the more confused we become and want to act out by eating compulsively

6.         Read pro recovery and inspirational books

Read books and articles about others who have recovered. It will motivate you to recover also, and it will show you that you are not alone in this journey.

7.         Eliminate reading of diet books and online sites

Diet websites and anything that focuses on weight loss, food and eating should be eliminated as they are extremely triggering. Try instead some positive sites that refer to personal development, recovery and growth.

8.         Write daily in a journal, encouraging yourself and your progress

It is crucial to recognize all the ways to you have stopped compulsive eating disorder thoughts and to note and encourage yourself. Write each day what worked, praising yourself for your accomplishments.

9.         Write out life goals that are not food or weight related

Sometimes there is too much weight placed in our minds on the compulsive eating disorder and we forget that we can have a life beyond that. Try to take your focus off food and weight and instead think of some long and short term goals that excite you and that you will soon be working towards once you have complete recovery from compulsive eating.

After 4 years of recovery from a compulsive eating disorder, bulimia and binge eating, this list of the top 9 things always help me stop the compulsive eating disorder thoughts and actions in their tracks.


Do you have any tips that you want to share about how to stop compulsive eating disorder thoughts?


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