How I Completely Recovered from All Eating Disorders

by nina on October 5, 2013

I often get asked what it was that made the difference – what was it that finally made me recover from a 10 year battle with an eating disorder.

Looking back there were many things that I tried – therapy, support groups, meditation, dance therapy and clinics, among many other therapeutic avenues.

Did any of these things help? Yes and no. There was not an immediate cessation of the disordered eating. I could not get out of the diet mentality and begin to eat intuitively. There was no instant relief that I so longed for. But there were definitely tools and most importantly there was hope.

But in the end I knew that the real recovery would come from within me. I knew that the disorder started and ended in my mind. And I knew that the healing and recovery would mean a massive shift in my thinking.

It would not matter if I had achieved my ideal weight – I was still possessed by the obsessive demons that plagued my mind and dominated my thoughts, even after I achieved the physical goals.

I believe that what helped me the most was envisioning myself and my recovery as I wanted it to be.

I saw myself FREE, completely free of the thoughts, obsessions and fantasies about food and weight.


This mental recovery began long before I actually reached that place of freedom. I practiced visualization and affirmations daily – no matter what. In fact, when the behavior and thoughts were at their worst, my desire for recovery was even stronger. The visualization of my recovery became more clear and detailed in my mind at those times.

Today I do live with that complete recovery and freedom. I eat fries with my meals, I exercise to feel healthy not for weight loss and I consider myself an intuitive eater.

How do you envision your recovery? Get very clear and precise on what you want it to look like, and practice seeing this image daily.

If you need more help on this exercise and the exact steps I took to recover – get my Eating Disorder Recovery E Book.

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Nina Vucetic

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