Binge Eating Rescue Kit

by nina on October 31, 2012

You Can Recover from Binge eating DisorderThis week I am going to show you 5 tips and strategies that work to crush the overwhelming urge to binge.

But the key here is that you have to actually DO these things. Not just think about them, not just do one and say it doesn’t work – do them all, and keep doing them.

A wise friend once told me that compulsions pass in less than 2 minutes… so the key thing here is to get you to take action – CONTRARY action to what your eating disorder wants. The eating disorder wants you to binge, to say that this will never work, to keep you sick and stuck.

But that’s not how we roll…

Because complete recovery is possible and available for you.

Check out the latest video and most importantly – take ACTION!


Leave me a comment and tell me which one of those strategies you liked the most. Feel free to add anything that has worked for you that you want to share with us all! This is YOUR tribe right here. Let’s help each other as much as possible.

Who else is going to understand you like we do here? Take advantage of the fact that you have found your tribe. you belong here.

To get more of my tips, strategies and FULL version of everything that I did and continue to do to maintain my recovery, head over to my full E Program that you can download instantly that is jam packed with videos, worksheets, meditations and everything that has successfully worked for me to get me to where I am now.

Free. Recovered. Living the life of my dreams.

This is what is possible for you too. I believe in you 100%. You’ve got this.

Nina x

Nina Vucetic

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