A Recovery Story and Thanksgiving Sale!

by nina on November 21, 2012

thanks giving eating disorder recoveryThe way that I celebrate Thanksgiving is by giving back to YOU and to the Universe that has given me recovery and freedom from all eating disorders for over 7 years.

I STILL remember the pain and hell of that eating disorder and hope that I always remember it – so that I can stay in a place of gratitude and keep giving back all that has been given to me by inspiring you, giving you hope and the tools to recover.

Today we have a beautiful recovery story AND the sale of all of my programs begins.

The Full ONLINE E PROGRAM is reduced from $97 to JUST $37 and the Recover From Eating Disorders E Book is $19 — so grab your copy of both or wither – as this details EXACTLY how I recovered and how you can as well.

This will teach you everything that I did, all of the challenges that I went through, as well as giving you support and effective strategies for your own recovery.

You can download both of these products – the Recovery E Book for $19 and the Full Online Program for $37 right here and the sale will end on Friday night at midnight.

Love & Freedom,

Nina 🙂


Now the beautiful recovery story from Tarnie!! … if you have one – please share it!


I had disordered eating since I was 15. I’m now proud to say that with all your support and the help from my friends and family I am definitely on my way to recovering and reaching a healthy and happy weight.

As soon as I started watching your videos, listing to the audios and reading your wonderful EBooks, I felt in control for the first time in almost 7 years! I think that being stimulated by positive material everyday is a huge part of active recovery because you can’t keep moving forward unless you’re doing something to keep you focused!

Some days are tougher than others and that is when I rely on my pen and paper to get me through! It might even just be to get some clarity that I’m doing the right thing and that I’m on track, then there are days where I don’t think about it, and I can see that I’m leaving the disorder far behind.

The best advice I have learnt from you is that there are definitely two voices or mindsets. One is what I like to call the devil or disordered mindset; it will try and keep you in that place of unhappiness and diets! Then there is the intuitive mindset which I refer to as the angel it’s that voice that sets your spirit free. I think the realisation of this should be a huge part of the program, and any negative thoughts should be stomped on and recreated into something positive and free.

I also make my own audios and pretend I’m helping people and that I’m fully recovered. I’ve always loved speaking out loud and I found this very affective in my own recovery. I think it also helps to try and answer other people’s questions from your amazing website. The more positive and helpful you are towards yourself and others the quicker you can recover!

I love recovery stories as well! The more of these the better, seeing people who have come out the other end the helps anyone who is suffering to see there is a light!

Lastly I love how safe I feel when I listen to your audios as well; I have never found your videos triggering in ANY way what so ever they are so positive, even the exercising videos portray the most beautiful way to get back in touch with yourself! So keep them coming!!

I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me and anyone else who has suffered.

I hope you know what a beautiful soul you are Nina.

Much Love from Perth Australia, Tarnie

Nina Vucetic

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