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5 Ways to Beat Eating Guilt

by nina on November 27, 2010

eating guiltDo you suffer from “eating guilt”. Do you find yourself eating something that is not considered “healthy”, and while your body so desperately craves it, you are not able to enjoy it because of all the guilt that you associate with this type of food?

I had an email recently from a girl who faces this exact problem. She asks “how do I deal with the feelings of guilt?”

This is what I do:

1. Realize that it is just food. One piece of cake, one cupcake will not make you fat. It is the guilt, obsession and black and white thinking that sets off the the desire to binge that makes us eventually put on weight.

2. Find someone who you think is a “normal eater”. – someone who you look up to for inspiration, someone who has a healthy relationship with food. Look at what they eat. Do they ever eat these “guilt ridden” foods like cupcakes, brownies etc, and does it make them fat?

3. Give yourself permission to try to eat one thing that you would normally feel guilty about. Check in with someone from your support group afterward. Let them know how you feel, and shed light on it! Often the insanity of our thinking will come through and we will be able to see that it just doesn’t make sense to think that one “bad” food item will have such astronomical effects on our weight. The whole good food vs bad food ideology can often lead to the feelings of eating guilt.

4. Talk to yourself like you would to your own child. This is something I did a lot when I was just learning to recover from an eating disorder and learn normal eating again.

5. Find something else to do after you eat things that would normally fill you with guilt. Make it something that is self nurturing. I went for a lot of manicures and massages! It reinforced to me that I loved myself and that I was not doing anything wrong. In fact, I was doing something great for myself and that’s why I was getting a treat!

Do you experience eating guilt? How do you cope with it?

Nina Vucetic

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