30 Day Recovery E-Course is LIVE!

Have You Started Your Eating Disorder Recovery But Feel Lost and Confused?. The first 30 days of ANY change in behavior and removal of addiction are always the hardest…
You feel:

  • Confused and anxious
  • Irritated, frightened and alone
  • Uncertain about whether it will work
  • The old triggers are tugging at you
  • The Eating Disorder Voice is stronger than ever
  • You are out of your comfort zone
  • You long for the safety of the Eating Disorder, But WANT to be FREE…

You wish you had a plan, a strategy, a proven method that will guide you through the toughest and darkest days, and something that you KNOW you can TRUST and that works…

You know you cannot do this alone because you have tried it over and over again, in so many different ways.

Introducting the 30 Day Recover From Eating Disorders e-Course:

  • daily guide that keeps you focused on recovery AND Eliminates the Eating Disorder Voice
  • Action exercises that you can follow and will reveal to you the nature of your disorder
  • A check in journaling system to keep track of yourprogress and SEE how far you have come
  • A Plan that you can follow and use to replace the safety of the eating disorder
  • Your guide to the FREEDOM that you have always wanted that is SIMPLE and STRUCTURED
  • specifically designed system that takes into account each stage of your journey and gives you all theTOOLS to get through another day
  • The freedom pack that gets easier day by day – you will feel the COMPULSION lifting and a NEW LIFE appearing even before the 30 days are over

Sound good?

Get Your 30 Day Recovery E course Today at the Special Introductory Price of $27! (Valued at $79)


You Will Also Get:

  • 2 Months of Email Support
  • Regular Updates and Bonuses
  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Access to 3 Additional E Books


All for the Introductory Price of $27!

Start Your Eating Disorder Journey The Right Way with all of the Support and Accountability to Guide You to FULL Recovery!

To Your 30 Day Freedom and BEYOND!
Complete recovery IS possible

Love and Freedom,

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