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by nina on August 6, 2012

Hi guys,

I am back in Sydney – where my eating disorder was at it’s absolute worst… and being here is bringing back all of the horrendous memories and feelings of how much I damaged myself, my body and my self esteem.

I am reminded of how difficult each day was – the binge eating, the compulsive exercise only to gain more weight, the constant EFFORT to control it, manage it, do something with it – and always failing.

Depressed, lonely, hating myself, not knowing whether I would EVER recover.

It is all coming back to me, but along with that is some amazing GRATITUDE – because I have been away from that for over 7 years and there is nothing more precious to me than having that recovery.

As an expression of my GRATITUDE I am doing this 3 day fire sale at $29 which is reasonable and anyone can seriously afford. I know for me it was much less than even one binge. A tenth of what I was paying therapists and trainers who left me more broken and confused.

You can check out what’s in the program right here…

So I hope you take action and get your full recovery program that outlines everything you need to get to full freedom, to live your life again and finally get that monkey off your back.

Its $29 for your freedom. I hope you take it up.

Love and Immense gratitude from Sydney

Nina 🙂

Again, the link to get Your Recover From Eating Disorder Program, normally $97 for just $29!!



Nina Vucetic

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